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Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

In a study done by American Addiction Centers, they found that those who had a positive group counseling experience were 168% more likely to recommend their treatment facility to others, which means that group therapy played a big role in the success of their treatment.

It is never easy to seek help and but once you reach out, it has proven to be life-changing for the millions of people worldwide suffering from addiction and mental disorders. At Focused Addiction Recovery in Wallace, North Carolina, our behavioral health facility offers resources to help you or a loved one suffering from substance abuse and mental illness take a significant step towards recovery, and bettering one’s life. 

Nonetheless, it’s important to understand that detoxing and going through the process of medicated-assisted treatment (MAT) does not guarantee recovery. It’s just the first step in preparing someone to begin their recovery program. 

Group therapy for substance abuse is one of the many methods we utilize to help individuals who come to us for help be able to learn how to best cope with and manage their conditions. 

What Is

Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of counseling that includes one or more therapists working with multiple people simultaneously in a group setting as opposed to individual therapy, where it’s just you and a counselor. Usually, these groups meet for an hour or two each week to discuss various topics and problems that each individual is experiencing and learn skills to target these issues and heal through healthy coping mechanisms and behaviors. 

Benefits Of Group Therapy for

Substance Abuse

While individual therapy is beneficial most individuals believe that being in a group setting would help them feel like they are not alone. Some individuals may not feel ready to share their stories but being in a supportive group setting and hearing other individual stories can be their motivation to recover. Some of the benefits that group therapy provides include:

  • Building a connection with others 
  • They can act as a support network and a sounding board
  • Other members can provide feedback and ideas for dealing with difficult situations 
  • It can also provide a different perspective on another individual’s issues
  • It serves as a reassurance that the individual is not going through these struggles alone
  • Allows the individual to witness the recovery of others and gain hope

The Goals Of Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

The foundation of group therapy is to create a sense of belonging and help individuals feel like they are safe among their group members. While common experiences are being shared, the individual is likely to open up about their experiences as well. 

Group Therapy Principles

Some of the group therapy methods and principles that are often used include: 

  • Helping individuals get a sense of control over their lives
  • To encourage sharing, bonding, and coping 
  • To create a sense of belonging or relatability through understanding 
  • Address issues that are common to most members of the group 
  • To help individuals identify negative behaviors

How Is Group Therapy Helpful

During Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery?

group-therapyFor individuals who are committed to their recovery group therapy for substance abuse can be a very effective option. It helps assist those in the long-term recovery process by providing them with the skills they need to prevent relapse. While there are many different types of therapies provided.

Group Therapy Techniques for

Substance Use Disorders (SUDs)

There are multiple different techniques used in group therapy for individuals who suffer from substance abuse disorder. It is a combination of goals and the needs of each individual that dictates which group therapy technique is best. 

Some of these methods include:

This sort of group will usually be educated about substance abuse, the behavior, and the consequences of using. The leader, in this case, the therapist would direct individuals towards applications that they should use in their lives. These applications can include, self-awareness, creating the opportunity for growth and change, using resources in the community to help with recovery, understanding the process of recovery as well as encouraging individuals to take action and enter a treatment program. 

The purpose of these groups is to spread awareness of the behavioral, medical, and psychological toll that substance abuse can have on an individual while motivating them to recover.  These groups teach individuals what they need to learn to identify and avoid circumstances that draw them towards substance abuse. They would learn healthy coping skills that help them confront their issues differently. 

How To Find The Right Treatment Center That Offers Group Therapy

Finding the right treatment center is not an easy task. As an individual searching for a treatment center that will guarantee your recovery it is best to seek a center that has numerous options when it comes to therapy and can cater to your needs. One that will provide you a customized treatment for your needs. 

Individuals must understand how group therapy works and the process that the treatment center uses for these therapy sessions. Even knowing what kind of people the treatment center hires to hold these group sessions. Understanding how many people are in these sessions, and how long they last are all important factors that could play a role in a person’s recovery. 

How Group Therapy At

FAR Can Help You or A Loved One

If you or a loved one are looking for a therapy structure that is fit for you, group therapy could be the one. At Focused Addiction Recovery we offer multiple ways to receive therapy with professionals therapist who has years of experience and willing to help you break the cycle of addiction. Contact us today.

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