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Addiction Counseling in North Carolina

While there are many options available to receive addiction treatment, therapy also plays a significant role in an individual’s recovery. Although it is getting help is in demand, not everyone receives it. 1 in 10 people who need substance abuse treatment is not able to for various reasons.  It is important to understand that doing things like detoxing, and getting medicated-assisted treatment does recovery long-term. However, therapy offers a safety net to prevent relapsing, and allows the individual to connect with others while altering their behavior and psychological way of thinking. Focused Addiction Recovery in Wallace, North Carolina has the counseling you need to recover from addiction.

What Is

Addiction Counseling?

Addiction counseling is people who provide a support system for individuals recovering from an addiction. Whether the individual is having drug and alcohol issues, eating disorders, or other behavioral issues, counseling helps.

How Does

Addiction Therapy Work?

There are multiple addiction therapy options but they all fulfill the same goal which is to help an individual recover. This could be by:

  • Stopping the use of alcohol and drugs
  • Maintaining abstinence from a substance
  • Addressing addiction and mental health issues
  • Developing alternate coping mechanisms for stress
  • Building self-esteem

Substance abuse can disrupt the way an individual thinks and behaves. Individuals can become more impulsive, disrupt their ability to focus, and hinder their learning and memory. Addiction therapy allows the individual to assess their attitudes, and learn how to react to circumstances, how to relate to people, and overcome their disordered thinking process from the drug or alcohol.

There are many benefits to addiction counseling that helps those who are addicted in countless ways. Some of these benefits include:

  • Having a new perspective on things
  • Coping strategies
  • Support
  • Advice on creating and maintaining relationships

Addiction Therapy Types FAR Offers:

There is a plethora of addiction therapy and they all work differently to help an individual recover. At Focused Addiction Recovery here are the therapy options we provide:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on the idea that psychological issues like addiction are the roots of harmful thinking patterns, negative behaviors, and bad coping techniques. It pushes individuals to asses what is triggering their urge to abuse drugs and alcohol. After doing this they figure out an alternative way to cope and avoid these triggers. CBT helps individuals develop strategies to deal with cravings, stressful situations, or triggers that may occur outside of rehab.

Start Your Journey Free From Addiction At

Focused Addiction Recovery

addiction treatment programs in Wallace North CarolinaHere at Focused Addiction Recovery, we offer addiction treatment programs and therapeutic options personalized for each individual’s unique needs. Whether you choose CBT, DBT, individual, group, family, or holistic therapy we are here to help. FAR offers telehealth as a treatment service for individuals who qualify; therefore, we are open to taking in individuals who are out of state. We understand that everyone has a different way they would prefer to get treated and we have that. Contact Us.

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